The Tripleizer ( Triple Bar System ) is the latest version of the Tripleizer bar which is now color coded to make life easier, still designed to be used with parasails bigger than a 31. It is possible to fly 1,2 or 3 people without needing to remove the bar. The bar has a weight adjuster at one end, allowing you to balance different weights. The bar for doubles can balance up to 230 lbs difference and as triples can balance up to 110 lbs difference. On special order the original bar is available, this is capable of balancing up to 172 lbs difference for doubles and 82 lbs difference for triples.Also the tripleizer is producing from aluminum. The straps we use made of nylon rope and very strong. Also used stainless carbine for transport.

        The Tripleizer Bar, also known as the Passenger Bar, is an alternative for those who do not prefer the front-back seating position. By using the Tripleizer Bar, 1, 2 or 3 people can fly by sitting next to each other. You can easily adjust the center of gravity by means of multiple mounting points. The Tripleizer Bar is manufactured from a special aluminum alloy chassis. The chassis is covered with a soft foam material.

Tripleizer ( Adjustable) 


Tripleizer (Normal)